After School /Summer Reading & Writing

B.M.U promotes and provides support to ensure academic success as well as grade level reading and writing skills year round.

After School Fitness

After school fitness provides a physically healthy activity for children who are not involved in extracurricular activities after school

BMU Cheer

B.M.U cheer gives the young women in the community the opportunity to experience travel, and  learn the fundamentals of cheerleading.

College Exploration

In College explooration we take children to college campuses and try to give them an inside view on the excitement of college life!!

Big Man University

Want you to know

Big Man University is non-profit 501(c)(3) developmental Foundation started in the Mississippi Delta Area that focuses on career discovery amongst our youth and the community in our low socioeconomic area. BMU is also promoting physical and mental health, college and career readiness/ exploration and togetherness in our community.

For our youth we will help build college and career interest.  BMU will exploit any and every opportunity for our youth to earn scholarships athletic, academic and/or technical.  Our youth will experience an extended of amount of time exploring their college/career interest before they graduate to motivate them to finish high school and pursue college/career goals.  Some of our youth and community members have not discovered what career paths they are interested in we will help them discover their purpose.

Community Flag Football

Community flag football provides the community with the opportunity to be healthy and competitive

Community Health and Wellness

Along with after school for the youth we also provide health and wellness opportunities for the community as well. 

Youth Flag Football

Youth flag football provides the after school program where kids can learn as well as stay physically fit.

Youth Travel Football

Youth travel football provides inner-city children with the opportunity to travel around the state seeing new things and learning the fundamental skills of one of their favorite sports.

BMU Youth Basketball

B.M.U. Basketball is a once in a lifetime experience for our children to learnt fundamentals of basketball, as well as attend multiple college and NBA basketball games. B.M.U. is grateful to have partnered with with the NBA's Memphis Grizzlies this year!