The Mission

The mission of big man university is to support our youth exposing them to different career paths and exploit opportunities for our youth to earn academic and sports scholarships, become critical thinkers, become physically and mentally healthy, and active in various ways.  BMU’s mission is to motivate our youth through career choices in sports and other fields such as medical fields, engineering, media, and entrepreneurship.  BMU will create opportunity in an excess amount of career paths as early as possible to motivate them to finish high school and go to college.

The Vision

It is our belief that if we can produce more graduates from our low socioeconomic area it will enhance.    We will to provide people within the community certificate/accomplishment opportunities, and physical activities befitting them.

The Goal

Our goal is to promote good citizenship, health, togetherness and career building within the community. We will help our youth become self-motivated, finish high school, attend college, and become productive members of society.